Artist Statement

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As an artist, I seek to convey the emotions and issues that many people face in humorous, interesting, and thought provoking ways. My style is contemporary representational. My current body of workis focused on the importance of water in our arid landscape.  Ninety percent of the water used in Southern Arizona is provided by the Colorado River. My paintings follow the Colorado from Lake Havasu through Phoenix and on to the reprocessing of treated wastewater used to recreate wetlands and refill aquifers. Also included are paintings of Arizona surface water.
We rely on water as a fundamental necessity for life but also as an oasis of beauty, relaxation, and recreation. My paintings represent the enjoyment and enhanced well-being that comes from being in and around water.  In this series, I hope to evoke the peace and serenity that I feel. The hypnotizing movements of water reflections for me are imbued with tranquility. 

My work titled “A Different Point of View” references many of today’s psychological buzz words, poking whimsical fun at the psychological terms so prevalent in the media.
In this series, I put realistically painted animals into improbable situations.  By my use of anthropomorphized animals, I portray my own feelings of social anxiety, introspection and insecurity, humor and sarcasm. I often use animals as my subject matter because it allows me to depict emotions in a less threatening manner and to convey the humor in daily life.My twisted animal portraits have an element of psychological stress in them while striving to stay humorous, engaging, and thought provoking.
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